Deckeldosen - Boxes




Nummer / Number: 09408
Zuschreibung /Attribution: Böhmen
Serienname: ALEXANDRIA
Herstellerkennzeichnung / Makerīs number: Made in Czechoslavakia
Motiv / Pattern:
Form / Shape:
Farbe / Color:
Höhe / Height in cm :
Ø in cm:
Anmerkungen / Annotations: Quote from GMB :
Ladies' Make-Up Compact The base has areas for lipstick, eyebrow pencil & rouge, puff & powder, etc. Honestly the Made in Czechoslavakia was so faint that it blended in to be close to invisible.
It appears in Margaret Whitmyers vanity reference "Bedroom & Bathroom Glassware of the Depression Years" & she named it Alexandria & refers to the Made in Czechoslavakia mark on the base. Ken