Schalen und Teller - Bowls and Plates


Nummer / Number: 09747
Zuschreibung /Attribution: Great Britain Sowerby
Serienname: Coronation Plate 1902 Edward VII - Alexandra
Herstellerkennzeichnung / Maker´s number:
Motiv / Pattern:
Form / Shape:
Farbe / Color:
Höhe / Height in cm :
Ø in cm:
Anmerkungen / Annotations: Vivien Walker & Susan Biss, Pressed Glass Commemoratives, 2002
page 68: The coronation of Edward VII, originally scheduled for 26 June 1902 was postponed due to his having appendicitis.
page 72: It appears that only one of the glass manufacturers [Sowerby] took the opportunity to produce a plate with the correct date. [9 August 1902]

Book available at Broadfield House Glass Museum, Kingswinford, West Midlands/UK

photo courtesy & © Antonia littlemisssims